Thanksgiving Table waiting for guests

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2020!

From Thanksgiving thru the New Year’s Celebration family and friends are the main theme this year.

Mary & I are in town (as compared to years past when we snuck out between Christmas and New Year’s) so lots of get-togethers were to be had. Too much food and drink but enjoying all of the activities and guests is the goal. I think we did a “pretty good job.”

First up? Thanksgiving at our place. A slightly smaller crowd than usual but all went well. I even had the chance to visit more guests while tending to the usual duties & activities.

Mary prepping and looking “fabulous!”

Our deck and garage but the snow is manageable…

As you can see we had snow early this year so the usual outdoor activities (snowblower & shovel) were necessary to prepare for visitors.
No problem. My back and the snowblower are still functioning properly although a bit slower than earlier in my snow shoveling career…

I went across town to pick up the Matriarch of the family (Mom) just after our yearly rendition of “Alice’s Restaurant” and just before the rest of the “motley crew” arrived. We had early visitors though. Andrew and Isaac showed up as I was leaving to get Mom. Turns out their Mom (our oldest daughter may have given them “inaccurate” information.) No problem. Mary had company while I was retrieving Mom…

The family (minus the spouses (2) and the grandkids (8).

I arrived just ahead of the rest of the crowd and chaos ensued… What fun!

Between all of the kids, most of the grandkids and spouses we had a good crew for dinner but had plenty of left-overs to enjoy for a week or so…







Orpheum Theater Stage View

In between get-togethers Mary, Beth and I snuck across the river to Minneapolis to see The Phantom of the Opera in the middle of another snow storm.

My “Phantom” Companions

No problem.
The “border guards” didn’t check our passports and we found covered parking nearby so all went well.
We enjoyed the show then walked over to the Rock Bottom Brewery for some appetizers and a libation.
We headed home via city streets as te snow had made an ice skating rink out of the freeways.
We made it just fine although a bit slower than usual…






Thanks Tina! It was wonderful once again! 🙂

Looking down the table at all of the empty plates etc…

Next up?
Ben & Tina’s Annual “German” Christmas Dinner.
A celebration we enjoy every year we are invited (many).
This year there was some early speculation that it might be skipped but all turned out well so we celebrated another great tradition with good friends, family and great food.

I’m in need of a diet and some exercise but it isn’t going to happen just yet…






A view of the “command center”

The “Boss” (Santa) and her mother with the peanut gallery in the background… 🙂

To keep things going (and me dizzy and tired)…

Next up?

Our annual Christmas Family “get-together” at Brian and Jamie’s new house with the whole “fam-damily”…

What fun! Lot’s of family, gifts, games, food & drink to be had. Everyone was in “Minnesota’s” version of “Hog Heaven.”





Bubba asking to go out…

I had a distraction and an obligation so Adia and I took Bubba on a “walk-a-bout” so Bubba could get “the lay of the land” and send out his version of “pee-mail.”


He survived it and was happy. I was having a hard time keeping up with Adia and Bubba but I recovered nicely.





Tenderloin waiting for the oven? Maybe the grill. I forgot…

Back at the ranch just a sample of the bounty we enjoyed.

Yes, it was a healthy meal except for the quantity…

Oh, did I say lobster?

Yup, there was lobster as well…

Plus a TON of other goodies to choose from.

A wonderful celebration!


I had to be wheeled out to the car at the end of the evening but not until gifts were exchanged and all of the kids/grandkids showing off their new toys. What a blast!.



Happy Birthday Mom!

Just before celebrating New Year’s Eve at Ben and Tina’s we headed to my Mother’s Birthday Celebration on New Year’s Eve (as is generally celebrated) at Baldamar, a new favorite restaurant near Rosedale we love. Mom picked it. Two of my sisters joined Mary and I along with mom and had another great experience.



Last but not least we met at the Wilson’s to bring in the new year with a glass of sparkling along with good friends. Mary and I stayed until almost 10 PM which shows you what has happened as we get older. Midnight is too late to celebrate bringing in the New Year. I used to wonder why my folks headed home early when I was in my forties. Well, I learned something once again. I hope I keep learning…

Happy New Year! May you be blessed with good health and happiness in 2020!
Now on to election season… NOT!