4th of July at Rock Lake

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Actually my Independence HoliDAY started at 6:00 PM on Tuesday the 3rd when Phil and I locked up the shop

I walked home to find Mary had already packed the car for our trek to Rock Lake. So… off we went.
I expected heavy traffic headed north but was pleasantly surprised.
The only bottleneck we ran into was the “usual” one… Elk River, MN.
After that it was smooth sailing all the way to our first stop at the “Rough-Cut Bar & Grill.”
A great place for good solid bar food and quick service.
We were in and out in no time and back on Highway 169 headed north.
Next stop, Rock Lake…



We arrived before sunset to find lot’s of family and friends.
A fire was being built and a sheet was being hung to watch a movie with the lake as a back-drop after dark.
There were a few fireworks going off and the bugs were minimal which was surprising.
The weather was perfect but I was tired after a long day at work and drive so Mary & I “hit the hay” before the younger crowd really got started…
Good Night…





Good Morning. Happy Independence Day!
Up relatively early to a fresh cup of coffee and a calm lake. Beautiful!

We checked out the breakfast crew in the little cabin to find them up and moving.
I estimated two hours before breakfast…


We got through breakfast just in time for the kids to jump in the lake. We couldn’t ask for nicer weather.

The “adults” opted for a ride in Wayne’s rig so off we went on a “Three Hour Tour.” OK, it wasn’t but it’s always fun to see the rest of the lake and any of the changes happening.



After the “lake tour” it was time for relaxing in the sun and other activities as desired. All in all a fun day for all. Lot’s of friends and family to keep everyone happy and busy. In between activities dinner was being prepared. As usual (and similar to the breakfast operation) the prep time is measured in hours because the stages happen between other leisure activities.

All in all a beautiful day off at the lake.