White Bear Lake Tour | on the Admiral D

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mary and I were invited to tour White Bear Lake on the Admiral D by and with Ben and Tina Wilson.  We met up at Admiral D’s (the restaurant at White Bear Lake) waiting for the boat (The Admiral D) prep to be completed.

The “tour” was hosted by Thrivent Financial as a customer appreciation offering. The Wilsons are current customers. The Battistos are not…

Once the boat was ready the passengers began to board. This was a full boat. Two levels of people but not overly crowded. We all found places to relax. The four of us found a table downstairs in the main cabin. We left the dock and began a leisurely tour of the lake while sipping on wine and sampling the food offering.

As you can see from the map we did cover most of the lake. The weather was warm and cloudy but luckily no rain this evening.

WOW! Some of the houses on White Bear Lake are “McMansions” and then some (probably the older “lake cabins”) are fairly normal but I’ll bet, one by one, they are being torn down and replaced as the “one percenters” invest in lake property near the metro area.

All in all a nice ride down memory lane. You see my dad bought a boat (14′ Alumacraft) fishing boat and rented a spot to keep it so I do have vague memories of fishing on the lake way back when Johnson Marine was one of the few establishments on the lake. OK, the late fifties and early sixties before dad found his own lake place in the mid-sixties but that’s another story.

All in all a very nice, relaxing evening. Thanks Ben & Tina as well as Thrivent Financial!