Our week long trek to Sacramento, Napa & Sonoma
then back to MN for some “lake(s)” time over Memorial Day Weekend…

May 20, 2017


This trip is different from the point that we arose “as usual” and had a normal morning as compared to our Caribbean jaunts leaving a 5 AM. The flight is scheduled to leave at 11:30 AM so we enjoyed a somewhat normal routine until Aunty Beth arrived around 9AM as I finished my shower (OK, I was running late) for the trip to Delta at Terminal #1. The ride was uneventful. It was raining and cold (mid 40s). We arrived at Terminal #1 early and as usual when you are early you can sail right thru the check in & security process. It helps that we’re TSA “PreChecked” cause the line was basically empty as compared to the rest of the crowd, the poor bastards… 🙂

The flight was a bit bumpy at first as we tried to get above and beyond the crappy weather in MN. It smoothed out as we approached the Rockies so the drinks and snacks were handed out. I read and napped while Mary read and played her usual games to pass the time. We arrived on time to 85 degree skies and headed over to the rental car area to pick out our car from Enterprise for this trip. I ordered a KIA like Gina’s but received a “speeding ticket red” Nissan Rogue with OR license plates. Dark interior and heated seats though. Not necessary in 90+ degree weather. I’m pretty sure they are ALWAYS preheated… 🙂

We exited the airport property and jumped on I-5 heading toward Sacto and Highway 50 to Fair Oaks and Sue’s place with a “pit stop” for refreshments at Raley’s arriving at our destination around 3 PM. We cracked open a bottle Benzinger Cab and had fruit, cheese and crackers and just enjoyed the great weather by the pool.

After discussing options for dinner we decided on a local sushi joint (SushiMono) so we freshened up, changed back into our street duds and headed over for dinner. SushiMono is a quaint, local joint in a strip mall. We were seated in the “overflow” area and at first we were worried it would be too hot as it’s their outdoor seating area but luckily they had “jury-rigged” a swamp cooler along with some blinds and a mister system that actually worked… sort of… The temp was comfortable even though we were on the west side at sunset. The food (We ordered the “LOVE BOAT”) was fabulous and WAY too much food. We waddled over to the nearby Trader Joe’s so Sue could do some shopping. We finished and waddled back to the car and headed home to catch up on life. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open as it was nearing midnight MN time. Mary and Sue made up for me but all good things must come to an end so we said our good nights and headed to bed. I read for two minutes before I was dropping my (mom’s) Kindle #2 so I dropped it and was instantly asleep.
Good Night…

May 21, 2017


We headed to the Rec Area, a state park ($12 park fee) and found the place packed with people enjoying the water, boating, skidooing and picnicking. The weather was beautiful but on the hot side so we walked from shady tree to shady tree for Sue. We had pulled her out of her cave to see the sun and it was a bit overwhelming. We walked from the parking lot to the launch area to the picnic area, took some pictures and headed back. We got about a third of the way back and Sue had had the course so I ran back to the car and picked the girls up, We headed over to “The Purple Place” to cool down and for “refreshments.” The Purple Place was OK but too loud. The Potstickers were good and the beer was refreshing.

We headed back home and decided to hit the pool to cool off. We changed for the pool. Mary jumped in first while I took my time getting used to the pool water It wasn’t cold but just the same I like to get wet a little bit before I dive in, which I did… It was great to dive in a few times and enjoy the pool for a while until I was coming out of the pool by climbing the stairs at the shallow end. I missed a step, twisted my bad knee and tweaked it just enough that it’s now swelling and locking up. That ended my pool time so I dried off and headed into catch up on my log and relax my knee. The girls were ready for dinner before I but I caught up fast so we headed for the preheated rental car and to the Elephant Bar (I requested) on Sunrise. We arrived to find the restaurant relatively empty but with a mostly empty long table next to us waiting for a large party (that turned out to be an AT&T company get-together). We enjoyed a nice meal (I had a Napa Valley Cobb) and again waddled home after a great meal. An after dinner walk was in order and this time I ended up bringing up the rear with my stiff knee. We made it around Vista Del Oro Way once before retiring to the living room for a final powwow before heading to bed. All in all a pretty nice day! Good Night…